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Directory of sustainable businesses Because we understand sustainable tourism as a complex and inclusive system which brings together visitors, the resident population, land and heritage. And we are committed to an increasingly environmentally friendly tourism which is respectful of society. Below you’ll find a directory of companies that comply with four core sustainability criteria: social, environmental, cultural and accessibility.
Sostenibilitat social
The aim of this criterion is to ensure the dignity of individuals. Here you will find inclusive organisations that work with vulnerable groups and offer all kinds of services for companies. You will also find companies that will help you to guarantee a healthy life and promote a good working environment.

Environmental sustainability
The aim of this core criterion is to protect the environment, save natural resources and foster and implement policies that will help us achieve a more habitable city.
  • Renewable energies: In the following link, you can find renewable energy supplier companies.

Sustainability of cultural, natural and traditional heritage
The tangible and intangible cultural heritage is part of a people’s identity and the commitment of this core criterion involves raising awareness about the sheer diversity of Catalonia’s culture, heritage and traditions.
  • Cultural and leisure facilities: in the following link you can find information about the main emblematic buildings, museums, and cultural spaces of Barcelona  distributed in the different districts of the city.
  • Festivals and traditions: In the following link you can find information about festivities and traditions in Catalonia.
  • Gastronomy : in the following link you can find information about Catalan gastronomy, restaurants and other topics related to gastronomy.
  • Shops: click on the following link for more information about unique shops: centuries-old shops, museum shops, craft shops, studios, and sustainable fashion.

Guaranteeing access to leisure and tourism for all is a fundamental right. Accessibility covers a broad cross-section of the population including people with temporary and permanent disabilities, families with small children and the elderly. And it is imperative to guarantee the quality of their experience.

Remember you can also find more information about adapted tourism facilities on

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